“The entire team at MYclosing are phenomenal! I have experienced years of A-1 service for all my Short Sales; both buyer and seller sides. Not only is the MYclosing team courteous and professional, they are well versed in all aspects of the Short Sale process from start to finish. My clients are treated with respect as if they were family. As a dedicated licensed realtor for 16 years, I only want the BEST for my clients. That is MYclosing! The best statement I can make about MYclosing is, like me, they give the same exemplary service to each and every client, no matter the price point or difficulty.

Lilia Jackson | PA Real Estate Agent

“My very first deal was handled by MYclosing! They assisted my client and went over and beyond to assure all concerns were addressed. Very professional and responsive.”

Chemaye Nickens-Smith | MD Real Estate Agent

When you’re facing a short sale, things can get very stressful and confusing.
You don’t know what you’re supposed to do and you’re not sure of your client’s rights and options.

Give your client the best shot at completing a

successful short sale.

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If you…

✔️ Have a listing that’s short sale material

✔️ Have a buyer who wants to buy a short sale house

✔️ Are confused by the short sale process

✔️ Don’t want to deal with the bank

✔️ Need to ensure the sale goes to closing

✔️ Want to take great care of your client

then this might be for you.

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What you get


We’ll guide you through the process that we’ve done so many times. You won’t have to figure anything out, we know the drill.


We do this and nothing else all day every day and love putting our knowledge and experience to work for you.


You will always know what is happening with your short sale. We keep you updated and informed like you wouldn’t believe!

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Who We Are

Chad & Denise Gelsinger


Chad and Denise started MYclosing, LLC after realizing there was a need for an honest and professional company to help alleviate some of the stresses of short sales from both the Real Estate Agents and the Homeowners.  Both Chad and Denise have extensive experience in the Real Estate Industry ranging from Real Estate Investment to owning and operating a successful Title Company. They both are very passionate about helping homeowners through one of their greatest times of need and preparing them for a brighter future.

Tori Madilia

Negotiations Processor

Tori is MYclosing’s Negotiations Processor. She has worked in the field a little over two years now. All documents and information sent to MYclosing will be reviewed and processed by her before sending things to the banks. In her free time, Tori likes to hang out with her family and cook! She also enjoys taking her dog, Buddy, on walks as much as she can.

What we provide

No cost analysis

We’ll research and analyze your situation at no cost or risk to you.

Education on your options

Get all the information you need to make smart decisions.

Comprehensive foreclosure help

You can feel confident about making it through the process.

We give you the information you need to help determine if your client can keep their home, or if they have to sell their home to avoid or stop foreclosure.

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What they’re saying

Derek Bicksler

Real Estate Agent

“I’m a real estate agent and have done short sales with and without MYclosing’s help. I can say definitively that I will never do another short sale without them. Soooooo much easier and get peace of mind for both myself and my client knowing they are on top of everything like crazy and do these thing all day every day. If you’re an agent dealin’ with a short sale, or a home seller, you have to call MYclosing. No brainer, only way to go.”

George Woods

Real Estate Agent

“Working with Chad in the beginning to understand and sort out the complexity of this transaction that was an estate sale that we needed to do a short sale on. The previous agent had no clue to advise on doing a short sale and was unsuccessful at selling the property. We all worked together back and forth to come out on TOP. Closing another successful short sale transaction and will do again the next one arises. Thanks Chad, Jason and the behind the scenes crew.”

Craig Smith

Real Estate Agent

“I’ve used MYclosing several times now. When I hear the words ‘Short Sale”, I know it’s MYclosing. I can sit back a little bit, and just let them take the lead.”

How it works

Discovery Call

Talk with you about your client’s situation and explain how we may help .

Talk to Seller

Determine if the Seller qualifies for assistance. If they do, we will provide the necessary paperwork to get started.

List the House

We will provide the necessary disclosures and instructions to list the house and start the negotiations with the bank.

Relieve your client’s stress.

Let us work with the bank.

We know how to deal with them.

Find out if your listing qualifies

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